LOML: French Fry

from Nichole

Who: “French Fry” (nicknamed because of the color of his skin after a tan)

When: 1995-1999

Where: New Orleans

How We Met: As I walked into the freshman mixer, I looked to the DJ table and saw him. Everything faded black around him, and a voice whispered in my head, “That’s the man you’re going to marry.” I shook my head and dismissed the idea. Although a hopeless romantic, I wasn’t sure about love at first sight. Plus he was super cute and popular and there was no way he’d ever look at me.

A few months later, my roommate said he would chill on the terrace of the student union in the evenings so I decided to go out there and stare at him. Somehow, we ended up talking all night. He walked me back to my dorm (we had curfews) and over the next few weeks, we became an item.

Significant Stuff: This is my longest relationship to date.

Memorable Stuff: He stayed on campus during his sophomore- my freshman- year, and I would sneak into his dorm room.

He brought me back to New Orleans early during Christmas break because he missed me so
much. We had our first fuss and he told me he loved me while Groove Theory played in the

He DJ’ed the basketball games and, one night, I had to get there late. As soon as he saw me, his whole face lit up so much, people turned to see who he was smiling at.

This is the first relationship where music bookmarks many of our transitions, perhaps because he was a DJ. A lot of mid- to late 90s songs make me think of him and where we were in our relationship at that time.

The Freaky Stuff: Our first time was on the tennis courts on campus.

He once sprained his wrist during The Nasty.

He was probably the most publicly, physically affectionate partner I’ve ever had.

Why We Broke Up: I was unhappy and confused about my next steps after college. We’d been together 4 years and I started to pressure him, letting him know I didn’t want to be a “girlfriend” forever. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to marry. I bounced as soon as graduation was over. He was seeing someone else. When I went to grad school, we ended it.

Current Status: After a rocky period of no communication, we now consider each other best friends. I can always count on him to tell me the truth, even when it hurts, even when I don’t listen to him.

What I Learned: Soul mates aren’t always husbands and wives.


Nichole Perkins

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