“A Greater Power Than Pain.”



Diana Reyes aka FLY LADY DI is an internationally known Live Painter and Dancer. She currently resides in Toronto where she works as a Teaching Artist at multiple organizations across the city. Super talented and super friendly. She’s dope, and I’m glad to have her talk with us about love.

Tell us about your first time falling in love.

He had these green eyes that pierced through your soul with every glance. Olive skin that reflected his Egyptian origins. He had a dope fade. And abs of steel. His name was Albert, and we were fourteen. Every time he touched me, it was electricity straight through my body. And he touched me often. He was my first french kiss, and first exploration of the male body. It was good times.

How has your perception of love and relationships changed over the years?

A LOT! Sometimes what you think you’ve always wanted, becomes the exact opposite (trash!). And the thing that you never knew you wanted so bad is right under your nose, giving you all that you’ve ever wanted and never knew you always needed. A loving relationship survives on honesty, communication, respect, honor and of course, LOVE. If you don’t have these things, you probably don’t have a strong and healthy foundation. It’s about give and take. And that person has to be your FAMILY. If you can’t turn to them at your ugliest, and they can’t love you wholeheartedly like that, then you need to kick ’em out and find someone who will! Because he or she is OUT THERE!

What was your hardest breakup?

The whole entire year of 2007, I dealt with the ugliest relationship, not only with another person, but with myself. The relationship you’re in will always reflect who you are inside. And it was very ugly! Referring to the above, it was someone and a scenario that I thought would make me thoroughly happy and secure, when it turned around and was the antithesis. What I failed to do was look at the signs of how he treated me in the past, and know that moving forward wouldn’t be any different. There was a lot that I allowed, that now that I’ve moved way passed it, would never in my right mind tolerate again – as a self-respecting female. What ultimately suffered were the expectations I had that went unfulfilled. I didn’t know how to handle it and became extremely depressed my first year back in New York. Any of my friends will tell you! It was so bad.

What does being in love feel like to you?

It’s the most secure, consistent, inspiring, nourishing, fulfilling feeling you could ever get as a human being. It’s never painful, or scary or worry-some. Going to bed and waking up to the person you are madly in love with is very surreal. Then you spend time with them and it’s so easy and joyful, like there is no effort needed to make yourself or that person happy. Just being together is enough.

Is love ever an inspiration in your dancing or painting?

Hugely. I’ve recently learned that love is the greatest inspiration of all time. It used to be pain from what I thought was love. But love has a greater power than pain. With love you can pretty much rule the world.

Have you ever written a love letter?

I have a talent for this. Been writing them since Grade 1!

What is your ultimate aspiration for your love life?

For me to be with my current love forever… I love you Big Norm!

Any advice you can give on love/relationships?

Yes. If you love that person, show them everyday! If they’re a keeper, don’t take them for granted. And always remember, a relationship thrives on two strong people with a good sense of self. So never lose yourself! Maintain your personal goals and strive towards them even if it means time apart from your lover. It will drive you closer together in the end.


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