LOML: Hill

from Nikki

Who: Hill

When:  Spring of 2002 to Spring of 2011 (Of course this was all on and off and on again)

Where:  Texas, Georgia, Memphis, Philly (Texas was the only state we both lived in together)

How We Met: He approached me at work by asking me for directions. Then made up a reason to seek me out for about a month before asking me out on a date.

Significant Stuff: We grew up together. We only had one fight in our nine years of dealing with each other. We could go months without talking to each other then have a conversation on the phone like we just saw each other last night. He would always go out of his way to come see me.

Memorable Stuff: He introduced me to Outkast. We spent a whole Saturday watching their 25 video countdown on BET, eating pizza & drinking beer.  He’s the reason why they are one of my favorite groups.

We spent every weekend together while living in Texas.

He took me to my first superhero movie. Spiderman, the very first one.

We went to a music showcase and didn’t know any of the acts, so the only option was to get drunk. We succeeded.

Hill hid from me in a hotel room one night, and I couldn’t find him. I got so scared that I called three members of my family and nobody answered so I thought the ‘rapture’ had happened and started crying.  Next thing I hear was his laughter from a cabinet that was in the hotel room. I still don’t know how he fit in there. He was like 6’1”.

The Freaky Stuff:  As much time we spent with our clothes off, I hadn’t had a freaky moment with Hills. I’ve only tasted his manhood with my tongue once.

Why We Broke Up:  He got married. We both decided that it would be for the best that we end it.

Current Status: Every now and then, somebody will send a ‘this reminded me of you’ text. Nothing deeper than that.

What I Learned: That it is possible to share your heart with two people.


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